Third Party Logistics Services

Acadian Crossings Logistics will give you a competitive edge with the very latest in third party logistics and warehousing, allowing you to focus on manufacturing, marketing and increasing product sales.

Third Party Logistics

As a third party logistics provider, or 3 PL company, we provide facilities and services for part or all of your supply chain management. This includes warehousing, warehouse management, inventory management and order processing while keeping you informed and confident on the status of your products. We employ a full time staff ready to pick, pack and ship inventory. We are capable of UPS bundling, shipping and billing.

Warehouse Management

We minimize waste, cut out the middleman and make sure that every dollar spent is on offering the most streamlined, practical warehousing solution. Our warehouse management service maximizes information accuracy, optimizes productivity, increases flexibility and expands service capabilities.

Inventory Management

We offer state-of-the-art inventory management utilizing computerized inventory, EDI barcoding and labeling, customized invoicing, weekly inventory reports, Lot/Batch/Serial Number Control, and real time inventory access. Lot numbers are issued and regulated by the FDA and we understand the importance of tracking these for expiration or sale by dates. We employ FIFO (First In First Out) for batch and lot-controlled products to ensure that older product is shipped out first and does not expire. High value and technology products are marked with serial numbers that are unique to each individual products and our controlled management of these items ensure accurate tracking of all outbound shipments.

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Cross Docking and Transloading

Our cross docking option is designed for quick turn around. Whether packages or pallets, we are able to accept live unloads, trans loads or drop trailer shipments for temporary storage or for extended warehousing. If you are transporting imported goods and waiting for proper paperwork, consider our San Antonio warehousing solution while products are being switched from one carrier to another.

Load Consolidation

Converting less than truckload [LTL] shipments to full truckloads [TL] helps companies optimize and reduce transportation costs. We understand that fluctuating demand, capacity and speed-to-market requirements challenge our customers to find a solution for freight consolidation coordination. We are poised to offer a simple and consistent solution for your truckload consolidation strategy to meet supply and demand.