Third Party Logistics + Warehousing Experts

San Antonio Based, Internationally Connected Warehouse of Choice

Acadian Crossing Logistics’ expertise in logistics, warehousing and warehouse management is unparalleled. Led by Jack Hetherly, the Acadian team is here to satisfy your warehousing needs. Our convenient South Texas location provides a distinct competitive advantage for international distribution and speed-to-market capabilities along the I-35 corridor.

What We Do

We aim to make 3PL logistics and warehousing a one of a kind, in-and-out experience like no other in San Antonio and South Texas. We make it easy for you. We feature flexible layouts to support cross docking and transloading. We maintain dedicated personnel on duty for load/unload and feature the ability to handle floor-loaded containers. Finally, we give you a competitive edge with the very latest in warehouse/inventory management.

Why trust us with your third party logistics and warehousing needs?

Full Service 3PL Warehouse

We are a full-service distribution operation with an EDI-enabled warehouse management system. We maintain a staff of employees dedicated to load and unload according to your needs with cross docking and FIFO capabilities.

Secure Storage

Partnerships with Tyco Security and Ecolab give you peace of mind that your products are stored safely in a fully secured premises.

Local Experience

Jack Hetherly is a recognized leader in the San Antonio warehousing market. He brings over 35 years of experience in managing both domestic and global shipping and warehousing.

Sustainable Solutions

Our secret? Efficiency. We minimize waste, cut out the middleman and make sure that every dollar spent is on offering the most streamlined, practical warehousing solution.

Flexible Options

Acadian Crossing works closely with our clients to offer a warehousing experience tailor-made to your company’s needs. We custom build pallets  to your specifications or support slip sheet unloading and offer appointments that work with your schedule.

Food Grade Audited

We are ready to receive, store and ship your packaged goods and are compliant with the FDA and Texas standards and regulations.

Our Location

1331 N. Pine Street
San Antonio, Texas 78202